How is the Canon T6i different from the T6?

Canon T6i vs T6

The Canon T6i and T6 were released about a year apart. 

Both cameras are excellent in their own rights. And while they are often mistaken for each other, probably because of the similarity in names, the T6i is different from the T6 in many ways. 

Without much ado, the T6i is the better camera. 

To start with, it comes with a 24MP sensor with 33% more pixels than the 18MP sensor on the T6. the T6i also has a touch-sensitive, fully articulated 3” LCD screen. The 3” screen on the T6 is fixed and not touch-sensitive. 

EOS Rebel T6i - Bring quality back to life - YouTube

But that’s not all!

T6i has the larger viewfinder of both cameras. Continuous shooting on the T6i is also 5fps compared to 3fps on the T6. Other key differences include UHS card support, more extended flash coverage, webcam functionality, and microphone port,  among several other features absent in the T6. 

As it turns out, the names might be similar, but the differences are enormous. While the T6i will often always come out as the better DSLR camera of the two, the T6 enjoys two critical advantages over the T6i. It is lighter and compact and much cheaper than the T6i. 

Canon T6i bundle

The T6i has an MSRP of $749, while the T6 retails at around $500. 

If you’re hoping to get the T6i, buying a Canon T6i bundle, as against just the camera body will offer better value. The bundle will contain other accessories that you’ll need to get the best of your T6i. 

The best thing about the T6i bundle is that you’ll buy the camera and all of the accessories at a discounted price. This is a smart move, especially if you’re a beginner photographer. And in any case, buying a Canon bundle kit from a reputable seller will help you ensure you end up with high-quality camera accessories that will work effectively for a long time.