Is the Nikon D5600 a good camera?

Nikon D5600 DSLR Camera

The Nikon D5600 is one of Nikon’s most successful entry-level DSLRs. Different people love the D5600 for various reasons. For some, it’s the strong combination of specs and features, while for others, it’s the incredibly affordable price tag. 

This camera is now in its fourth year in the market. A lot of photographers are still buying it for both amateur and professional use. But is it something we would recommend you to buy as well? We’ll find out!

Good, but not perfect!

This camera is well spec’d.

This is no sugarcoating, but the D5600 is what you’d want in a truly modern DSLR. The only thing you’ll miss out on is advanced customizability.  Nikon D5600 seems to be more for an audience that wants a camera that gets out of their way and just works with much less work.

As far as image quality and overall value are concerned, the Nikon D5600 shines and is one camera we’ll highly recommend. This is suitable for you, whether you’re a beginner photographer looking for a quality camera or a pro looking for a reliable, compact backup DSLR. 

Nikon D5600 Lenses

We say you should buy the D5600!

But you still need the best lens for different moments. Depending on what your photography sessions would typically look like, you’ll need one or more of different lenses dedicated to different types of photography. This can range from portraits to sports, weddings, landscape photography, etc. 

Best Nikon D5600 Lenses

You need the best Nikon D5600 lenses you can get, whether it’s a zoom or prime lens. Luckily there are over 300 lenses compatible with the Nikon F lens mount of the D5600. Over 100 of these lenses also have built-in image stabilization, a great feature since the D5600 body also lacks optical stabilization. 

There are a lot of reasons the D5600 makes sense. 

This camera has a high-res 24MP sensor, a 39-point autofocus system, a fully articulated touchscreen for flexible shooting positions, and much more. You’ll miss out on 4K video capturing and advanced customizability. Regardless, this is a well-rounded DSLR that’s well worth your money!